Community Support
Townsville Airport plays a large role in supporting local organisations, events and activities in the Townsville region, including the North Queensland Cowboys and North Queensland Tourism Awards.

Our Environment

At Townsville Airport we aim to develop and operate in an environmentally responsible and ecologically sustainable manner, addressing community standards and needs.

Community Aviation Consultation Group
Townsville Airport is establishing a local Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) to help facilitate greater community consultation.

Aircraft Noise

Aircraft Noise Management

Townsville Airport is a Joint User facility. Noise management on airport is controlled by aircraft noise abatement procedures and routine aircraft noise monitoring undertaken by the Airport and the Department of Defence (DoD) . The RAAF base Townsville manage a toll free noise enquiry hotline for any community complaints. TAPL and the RAAF Townsville work in partnership to respond to any public concerns.

Military Aircraft Noise Complaints:

Defence Hotline: 1800 555 478

Civilian Aircraft Noise Complaints:

Air Services Australia Hotline:
1800 802 584

Lodge a complaint online