FAQs – Terminal Redevelopment

FAQs – Terminal Redevelopment


What does this upgrade involve?Project-Alive-Logo

The $80M development will comprise the following key features:

  • A full refurbishment and redevelopment of the terminal building, including doubling the capacity of the departure lounge.
  • An apron expansion and rejuvenation, increasing the airport’s ability to facilitate jet aircraft by 33 per cent at peak times.
  • A reconfiguration of the road network to ease congestion and improve traffic in and out of the precinct.
  • Upgrading of water, fire and electricity infrastructure to meet modern standards.

When will the upgrade begin?

Minor works have already commenced within the terminal and airside. Design for the major redevelopment is also completed. Once all airlines agree to the IDC, construction will commence.

Will access be improved?

Yes. Townsville Airport have been conducting regular assessments of passenger traffic flow at the airport and have identified areas for improvement which have been strategically incorporated into the redevelopment plan. These include an upgrade and expansion of the security screening area to reduce congestion and rationalisation of the existing check-in area to accommodate the installation of user check- in and automatic bag drop facilities.

How will the community be kept up to date with the progress?

Keeping the community involved and updated in this project is important to Townsville Airport. Townsville Airport’s social media channels will be the primary engagement tools during Project Alive construction. Project updates will also be provided through local stakeholder group presentations and also via the website.

Why does the airport need a major upgrade?

  • There have been no significant improvements to the core airport infrastructure since 2003. Ensuring the airport’s sustainability is critical for the local economy and growth of the Townsville North
    Queensland region.
  • It will contribute more than 178 full time jobs and inject $68M into our economy at a time when we need it most.
  • Townsville Airport is taking a long term view for the region and want to ensure any redevelopment undertaken now will accommodate future demand.

How will the redevelopment affect me if I use the airport?

There will be minimal disruption to services during the redevelopment. Townsville Airport will provide regular updates to users and the community regarding the staged works and any impacts of service delivery.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about the upgrade?

For any questions or comments regarding this project you can contact the Project team at alive@tsvairport.com.au or Townsville Airport’s Management Office on 4727 3211.

What is the Infrastructure Development Contribution (IDC)?

Townsville Airport is investing the $80M upfront and will only recover $40M from the airlines using the airport through an Infrastructure Development Contribution (IDC).  The IDC is a $3.00 charge which will be applied to your ticket (domestic services only) once the first phase of major works is complete (approximately two years’ time).

Will an increase in passenger fees lead to a decline in passengers for the airport?
A similiar increase in passenger fees occurred in 2003 and was followed by an upturn in passenger numbers. Overall, passenger numbers have increased at Townsville Airport since 2003.

Why should the public be expected to fund a private company’s upgrades?
Townsville Airport will pay for the entire package ($80M) of works upfront. Larger airports can offset costs through commercial and other revenue not related to aeronautical fees. Townsville Airport does not have the ability to do that.

  • It is a standard process for any business to increase charges as services cost more to operate.
  • It is about the sustainability of operations and keeping pace with infrastructural requirements to operate efficiently and setting fair and reasonable charges for airlines to use those services.
  • The reality for all regional airports is we have a defined catchment which limits the potential for growth. This sort of major infrastructure upgrade can only occur with an IDC in place.