FAQs – Terminal Redevelopment

FAQs – Terminal Redevelopment


What does this upgrade involve?Project-Alive-Logo

The proposed phase one development will comprise the following key features:

  • Rationalisation of existing, underutilised office space to double the overall capacity of the departure lounge area
  • Upgrade and expansion of the security screening area to reduce congestion
  • Rationalisation of the existing check-in area to accommodate the deployment of modern common user check in and automatic bag drop facilities
  • The addition of new shop front spaces, which are expected to be occupied by food outlets and other retail
  • Extension of the upper concourse to provide two new club lounge facilities and help meet the growing needs of business travellers
  • Integration of environmentally sustainable principles as a step towards improving our green star rating

The terminal building architecture will capture the essence of the region, providing passengers a sense of Townsville’s character and the experiences on offer upon arrival to the destination.

When will the upgrade begin and what will be done first?

The redevelopment will begin with an upgrade of the existing club lounge and the addition of another club lounge this year. Construction is expected to take 12 months before the lounges are complete and ready for use. The existing lounge will continue to operate during this period.

Where specifically will the new lounges be?

The new lounges will be built at opposite ends of the upper mezzanine level, providing an uninterrupted 180 degree view of the airfield and the surrounding area.

What new retail choices will be available?

The tender process for new retail offerings will commence within the first half of 2016. It is anticipated that the additional seven retail tenancies will be occupied by food and beverage outlets and general retail and gift stores.

Will access be improved?

Yes. Townsville Airport have been conducting regular assessments of passenger traffic flow at the airport and have identified areas for improvement which have been strategically incorporated into the redevelopment plan. These include an upgrade and expansion of the security screening area to reduce congestion and rationalisation of the existing check-in area to accommodate the installation of user check- in and automatic bag drop facilities.

Does the project include upgrades to the car park?

The car park has undergone improvements incrementally over the past few years. The most recent redevelopment of the car park is currently underway and includes providing covers to the short term car park and expanding the premium car park product. This was a direct result of customer feedback. Project Alive will not include any further works to the car park.

How long will the upgrade take?

It is expected that the project commence mid this year, with an anticipated completion date in late 2017.

How will the community be kept up to date with the progress?

Keeping the community involved and updated in this project is important to Townsville Airport. Townsville Airport’s social media channels will be the primary engagement tools during Project Alive construction. Project updates will also be provided through local stakeholder group presentations and also via the website.

Why does the airport need a major upgrade?

The existing terminal building requires significant layout and functional improvements to accommodate projected passenger growth and to address current capacity constraints.

Ensuring the airport’s sustainability is critical for the local economy and growth of the Townsville North Queensland region. Project Alive will contribute more than 116 full time jobs and inject $71M into the economy.

Since the previous significant redevelopment to the terminal took place in 2003, passenger movements have grown by 45%.

How will the redevelopment affect me if I use the airport?

There will be minimal disruption to services during the redevelopment. Townsville Airport will provide regular updates to users and the community regarding the staged works and any impacts of service delivery.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about the upgrade?

For any questions or comments regarding this project you can contact the Project team at alive@tsvairport.com.au or Townsville Airport’s Management Office on 4727 3211.

Who will pay for the redevelopment?

Townsville Airport operators, Queensland Airports Limited (QAL), will fund the cost of the project through to completion. Once phase one upgrades are complete and operational, a small fee will be added to passenger airfares. This fee will go toward funding continued redevelopment works over the next ten years.

How much will the charge be?

It is proposed the passenger charge will increase up to $3.00 per person per domestic flight – once the first phase of major works is complete.

When will the new charge be implemented?

QAL will fund the cost of the first phase of the redevelopment and the charge will only be implemented to domestic flights once the first phase of works has been completed in 2017. The charge won’t apply to international services for five years.