Terminal Redevelopment

Terminal Redevelopment



Townsville Airport’s $42M terminal redevelopment – Project Alive, will commence works mid this year, having received approval of its Major Development Plan (MDP) from the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, in January 2016.

The development will provide faster and more efficient service for travellers, deliver additional retail choice, and will aim to re-energise and modernise the existing terminal facility.

Since its previous significant terminal redevelopment which took place in 2003, Townsville Airport’s passenger movements have grown by 45%.

With the successful relaunch of the International Terminal last year, and a concerted push to make Townsville the capital of Northern Australia, this is an important time for Townsville Airport to address current busy-hour demand issues. Project Alive will ultimately deliver significant layout and functional improvements, while creating jobs and other economic opportunities for the community.

As the gateway to Northern Queensland, Townsville Airport understands the importance of providing a memorable first impression for travellers and visitors.

Project Alive key features:

  • Double the overall capacity of the departure lounge area to meet 10 year forecast passenger growth
  • Increased retail choice by adding more food, beverage and specialty retail options
  • Installation of state-of-the-art user check-in and automatic bag drop facilities
  • New lounge facilities

This upgrade will act as phase one of a multi-staged development program, which will progress over the next 10 years.

Project Alive is aimed at the sustainability of operations, ensuring that the airport infrastructure meets airline partners’ and customers’ current and future needs now and into the future. Project Alive will deliver an airport that the community can be proud of and one that reflects our unique destination and character.

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