Queensland Airports Limited – Record Passenger Movements for July

Media Release
12 August 2009

The three airports owned and operated by Queensland Airports Limited (QAL) at
Townsville, Mount Isa and Gold Coast in aggregate have recorded the highest monthly
passenger movements ever for the Group.
The passenger movements for the QAL Group for July 2009 were 580,539. The
previous highest month recorded for the Group was in January 2009 with 577,708
passenger movements.
“The diversification of our airport and market portfolios has assisted the QAL Group to
sustain growth through a very challenging period,” QAL Managing Director Dennis
Chant said.
“Whilst Gold Coast domestic traffic was down 2% on the back of a seat capacity
reduction of 7%, the 90% increase in international traffic resulted in the airport
achieving its second best monthly throughput ever.
“Our airline partners have supported increased services through Townsville with a
resulting all time monthly record being achieved through that port.
“Our airports do not, however, take continued growth for granted. We work
continuously with our airlines and our regional partners to ensure that together we can
sustain a high level of service during difficult times,” Mr Chant said.
July 2009 saw a record set for Townsville Airport with 151,176 passenger movements.
The previous highest number of passengers was 142,442 movements in a month,
recorded in July 2008.
“Certainly large scale events such as the V8 supercars have helped generate more
visitors to the region, combined with our continued mix of business and leisure
traveler, are attributable to this success in Townsville,” Mr Chant said.
This is the second highest month ever recorded for Gold Coast Airport. In January this
year, 449,357 passengers went through the airport.
Passenger movement figures for July 2009 are summarised below: