Airport Charges

For a complete copy of Townsville Airport’s Conditions of Use document please click here

Townsville Airport charges from 1 July 2014 are as follows (all prices per passenger both inbound/outbound, all prices are exclusive of GST)

Townsville Airport Charges Cost
Terminal usage charge/ common user charge (per passenger both inbound/outbound) $3.77
Aeronautical passenger charge (per passenger both inbound/outbound) $5.23
Infrastructure charge (per passenger both inbound/outbound) $2.20
Passenger and checked bag screening (per passenger both inbound/outbound) $2.15

Townsville Airport charges are reviewed annually.

General Aviation Charges

Landing Charges
Charge type (per 1,000 KG MTOW, per landing pro rata) Conditions Fees
General Landing charges
Landing fee General Aviation and Freight aircraft – Fixed wing per 1,000Kg MTOW $12.37
Landing fee General Aviation and Freight Aircraft – Rotary wing per 1,000Kg MTOW $6.18
Parking Charges
Parking per 1,000kg per day Parked on sealed apron areas $6.18

Payment for aeronautical charges can be made by cash or cheque directly to TOWNSVILLE AIRPORT Townsville or by electronic funds transfer payable into TOWNSVILLE AIRPORT’S bank account. Details can be obtained by called QUEENSLAND AIRPORTS LIMITED on (07) 5589 1100.