Crane Notification


Townsville Airport Pty Ltd is required under the Airports Act 1996 and the Airports (Protection of Airspace) Regulations 1996 to assess any controlled activity that may intrude on the airport’s protected airspace. The protection of airspace is essential in order to provide a safe, predictable environment for the arrival and departure of aircraft using Townsville Airport.

Under Section 182 of the Act, a controlled activity is an activity resulting in an intrusion of the airport’s protected airspace (i.e. penetration of either the Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS), or the Procedures for Air Navigation Systems– Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS) Surface on either a permanent or temporary basis.  Controlled Activities include the following:-

  • Structures such as buildings, antennas and cranes; and
  • In some circumstances, activities causing non-structural intrusions into the protected airspace of artificial light, reflected sunlight, air turbulence, smoke, dust, steam or other gasses or particulate matter.

Please submit any approval requests for all temporary structures to Townsville Airport Pty Ltd using the Obstacle Notification Form (PDF).

Please phone Townsville Airport Pty Ltd on 4727 3211 to submit any approval requests for permanent structures.