Ground Transport


Public Transport, Non motorised transport and Parking
There are no public bus services to Townsville Airport. Most customers and staff arrive by private vehicle, rental car or taxi. Whilst there is no provision for dedicated bicycle parking or cycle network on, or providing access to the airport the internal and external access roads have adequate shoulders and aisle width to cater for this mode of transport. Cycle usage is limited to mainly workers.

A defined pedestrian network has been constructed on Airport through the Terminal Precinct from parking areas to the terminal. A delineated pedestrian access will continue to be constructed in all new development areas where feasible.

Current external road access
The main access road into the Airport is John Melton Black Drive, which has the capacity to meet the foreseeable passenger demand. The Drive is a locally controlled road by Townsville City Council. The second access into the Townsville Airport is via Halifax/Meenan Streets; locally controlled roads by Townsville City Council this road access facilitates the bulk of the populated areas of Townsville. This route has the disadvantage of providing access through the established low-medium density residential area of Garbutt. As such traffic noise and pedestrian safety is an ongoing concern of the local government and the local community.

Future ground transport plans
The potential future upgrades to the external road network are detailed in the Townsville Airport Preliminary Draft Master Plan 2010. The plan is currently on public exhibition. To read the full plan visit the Master Plan section of this website.