Register of Building Applications


Land use planning and building control at Townsville Airport is regulated by the Airports Act 1996 (Act). Regulations have been made pursuant to the Act, and the principal regulations dealing with the approval of “building activities” (as defined in s98 of the Act) are the Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996 (Regulations).

Building activities are only to be carried out after approval has been obtained from the Airport Building Controller (ABC) for Townsville Airport. The Regulations set out the way in which applications are made for approval of building activities, as well as the matters the ABC considers before an approval is issued. In some cases, Townsville Airport PTY Ltd will be the applicant for building activities. However, where Townsville Airport is not the applicant for a building activity, the ABC cannot give its approval unless Townsville Airport has first given its consent to the proposed activities. The Regulations describe the things ABC must be satisfied with before it gives its consent, such as whether the proposed building activity is consistent with the Townsville Airport Master Plan.

Building Applications Register

Townsville Airport is committed to a sustainable investment in our airport’s infrastructure. Our focus is to create significant regional development in Townsville Airport that benefits our visitors and our community.

To download a list of our building applications, download our ABC Building Register.