Townsville Airport Master Plan 2016

The Townsville Airport Master Plan 2016 was approved by the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport the Hon Darren Chester MP on 9 August 2016, following extensive consultation with the community and other key stakeholders.

Townsville Airport is an intrinsic part of the region’s community fabric and is playing a pivotal role to solidify Townsville North Queensland’s position as the capital of Northern Australia.

About the Master Plan

Townsville Airport Pty Ltd is required under the Airports Act 1996 (Cth), to prepare a 20 year master plan to guide development of existing and proposed airport land uses and facilities associated with civilian operations. This plan is to be renewed every five years.

The Townsville Airport Master Plan 2016 builds on the foundation of the 2011 Master Plan and several detailed studies undertaken in recent years including assessment of aviation traffic forecasts, road traffic access and environmental management.

This Master Plan demonstrates how Townsville Airport intends to accommodate forecast growth in aircraft movements and passenger activity, aviation support facilities and commercial developments.

Read the 2016-2036 Townsville Airport Master Plan online.

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