Townsville Airport Welcomes Four New Virgin Blue Services

Media Release
6 April 2009

Townsville Airport will today bask in the limelight as it earns its place in the Virgin Blue history
books, being the first and only destination that has ever had four new flights launched in one
The significant capacity increase sees direct service from Cairns, Canberra, Rockhampton and
the Gold Coast to Townsville Airport starting today.
Townsville Airport General Manager, Mr Kevin Gill, said the new services would provide key
benefits to the North Queensland region.
“This is not only great news for Townsville but for North Queensland tourism and business
generally. The new services will ensure we have convenient direct links to key locations both in
Queensland and to our national capital.
“Virgin Blue has clearly invested in our region and their commitment to launching not one, but
four new routes at the same time, is testament to how import North Queensland is.
“We are very excited to see direct flights that will not only encourage more visitors to
Townsville, but will provide more options for local business travellers. At Townsville Airport we
have worked hard to become a significant aviation hub in North Queensland and we are proud to
see this strategy paying off,” Mr Gill said.
“We strongly encourage people to take advantage of this new service. There is the clear
benefit that we can increase visitations to the Townsville region, but this new service also offers
our local residents the opportunity to fly direct to more locations for their business and leisure
travel. We look forward to these new routes proving very successful,” he said.
“The Embraer jet they have chosen for these four new routes will ensure people coming to and
from Townsville can do so in executive style.
“Virgin Blue is clearly a very important partner to Townsville Airport and we congratulate them
for their commitment to our region and the initiative to bring more direct services to us,” Mr
Gill said.
Townsville Airport Pty Limited is a Queensland Airports Limited owned company.
For more information please contact:
Elissa Keenan, QAL General Manager Corporate Affairs, Ph: 0448 866 049