Townsville Airport releases Major Development Plan for terminal

Townsville Airport today released its Major Development Plan (MDP) for a $40 million upgrade to existing terminal and apron facilities.

Chief Operating Officer of Townsville Airport, Mr Kevin Gill, was joined by Queensland Airports Limited (QAL) Managing Director, Mr Dennis Chant, to unveil plans in Townsville this morning.

Mr Gill said the last upgrade to the existing terminal facility occurred in 2003 and the asset is in need of further development.

“While improvements have been made and facilities maintained, there have been no significant upgrades to the core airport infrastructure since 2003, leaving us behind other regional airports.

“Our aim is that in 2015 we will fast track a $40M airport redevelopment that breathes new life into the airport and improves the user experience.

“We have a plan to improve the airport and this will be phase-one of a program of infrastructure upgrades that we will progress over the next 10 years,” Mr Gill said.

QAL Managing Director Dennis Chant said the airport’s decision to progress to an MDP process was in response to community feedback.

“QAL will fund the initial redevelopment works. Once the first phase of major works is complete we will ask airline passengers to pay up to $3.00 extra on the price of an airfare in and out of Townsville Airport from 2017.

“These charges are still lower than our peers at Cairns and Darwin and, in real dollar terms, are a significant discount to the charges set 10 years ago.

“The reality for regional airports, like Townsville, is that this sort of major infrastructure project will not happen without some kind of increase in charges. Townsville Airport charges for major airline partners have essentially remained static for a decade, which is not sustainable,” Mr Chant said.

Mr Gill said the airport is asking for the community to support the adjustment in the passenger charge to make it possible for Townsville Airport to deliver the major upgrade that the airport needs and the community deserves.

“This is about the airport taking part in the revitalisation of this city. We note The Ville, new stadium, JCU and port projects have all provided much-needed positive news for the city in recent weeks.

“Our passengers have been telling us for some time that they want a terminal facility and gateway to the city that they can be proud of. We have been listening.

“We will deliver ongoing facility improvements as well as hundreds of construction jobs throughout this project, at a time Townsville needs them most,” Mr Gill said.

Highlights of the MDP include:

  • Reconfiguration of the existing international departure lounge to function as a swing international/domestic lounge for arrivals/departures area
  • Rationalisation of existing, underutilised office space to increase the overall capacity of the seating areas in the arrivals/departures area
  • Upgrade and expansion of the security screening area to reduce congestion
  • Rationalisation of the existing check-in area to accommodate additional check-in kiosks
  • The addition of new shop front spaces, which are expected to be occupied by food outlet and other retail
  • Extension of the upper concourse to provide two new club lounge facilities and help meet the growing needs of business travellers
  • Extension of the ground floor to relocate Virgin and Qantas engineering offices

Artist impressions of the facility available on request.


For further information please contact:

Melissa Pearce, Manager Corporate Affairs Queensland Airports Limited Mb: 0408 606 802