Townsville Airport to Conduct Emergency Scenario Training Tomorrow

Media Alert
8 September 2010

Staff at Townsville Airport will tomorrow undertake emergency scenario training in partnership with the RAAF and state and federal emergency services. The emergency training will feature a B737 aircraft suffering double engine failure during take-off, resulting in a crash site on the airfield. Townsville Airport’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr Kevin Gill, said the public should not be alarmed if they see emergency services personnel in the airport precinct, nor suffer any disruption as a result of the exercise. “We will be simulating a real emergency at the airport to ensure our operational procedures remain current. It is designed to test our response and Emergency Operations Centre. “There will be no disruption to passengers or flights. All activity at the airport will continue as normal,” Mr Gill said.

For more information please contact:
Elissa Keenan, QAL GM Corporate Affairs, Ph: 0448 866 049
Melissa Pearce, QAL Communications Executive, Ph: 0437 331 557