Meenan Street Upgrade

When will the road project be finished?

Work started in October 2019 and we expect the project to be completed by May 2020.

How will people access the terminal when this project is complete?

The main entry to the airport will be via John Melton Black Drive. When the project is complete, entry to the airport via Halifax Street will be blocked, with the installation of an automatic gate system, with the road only open to local traffic and emergency services from then on.

Will access to the airport be interrupted during construction?

No, changes to the road network will only come into effect upon project completion.

What are the project benefits?

Airport users will have a more direct, appropriate and attractive entry into Townsville Airport. The new entryway will also reduce pedestrian contact with the roadway, creating a safer environment for all.

What are the other implications of the project?

Drainage works will be undertaken, improving the existing run-off capability of the land directly behind homes backing onto the Meenan Street reserve.