Ground Transport Operators

Improvements are being made to the front-of-terminal pickup and drop off areas at Townsville Airport, which will impact taxis and commercial vehicle operators. Please see information below on the new Ground Transport Gateway including contact details for enquiries.

Townsville Airport Ground Transport Gateway

Townsville Airport has designated a ground transport area for dropping off and picking up passengers at the front of the terminal. Access to this lane is secured by an RFID and boom gate system. This area and access system form the Townsville Airport Ground Transport Gateway.

Who is required to use the Townsville Airport Ground Transport Gateway?

All drivers of taxis and commercial vehicle operators (bus, shuttle, limousine) wishing to access the Townsville Airport ground transport area, including the front of terminal lane.

How does the Townsville Airport Ground Transport Gateway work?

The Ground Transport Gateway operates in a similar manner to an electronic tolling system where the vehicle is identified and billed via an electronic Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) which sits on the windscreen of the vehicle.

The RFID is linked to an online account which is debited for fees incurred when accessing the boom gate restricted area. Visits are recorded by the RFID readers which are located at the entry and exit to the ground transport area.

New Ground Transport Operators

If you are a commercial vehicle operator who uses or wishes to use the airport facilities to collect or drop of passengers at the front of the terminal, a link will be provided shortly to register.

Existing Operators

If you are an existing driver or ground transport operator and have a query regarding your RFID or online account, please email or call (07) 4727 3211, Monday to Friday between 8:30am – 5:00pm.

If you require access to the front of terminal lane for any other reason, please complete a Front of Terminal Access Request form and send it to