The check-in counters for domestic and international flights are located in the main terminal building. Each airline has different requirements on how soon before your flight you must check in, so we encourage you to read all information provided to you by your airline. Your itinerary or e-ticket will also advise you of the allowable size of checked and cabin luggage, what items can be carried on board and other important travelling information.


After checking in for your domestic flight, please proceed through the security screening point located opposite the Strand Cafe. Everyone is welcome through the domestic security area, so if you have a friend or loved one meeting you at the airport or sending you off, why not enjoy a beverage and a meal together in the departure lounge?


Your domestic flight will depart from the gates in the Departure Lounge. Gate’s 1 – 5 are located on the upper mezzanine level of the terminal and Gate 6 is located on the ground level of the departure lounge. Please check the Flight Information Display Screens located throughout the terminal for updated information regarding your flight.


After checking in, please proceed to the international terminal located to the left of the check-in counters. From here you will proceed through to the international security screening area. When checking-in for international departures you are required to have the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Departing Passenger Card
  • Travel documents, such as tickets or booking reference number

Once you have passed Customs and Border Protection you can enjoy some last minute shopping in the Duty Free Store.