Sponsorship and Community Program

Townsville Airport continuously strives to be a responsible employer of choice and prominent community member through ongoing employee service, consultation and sponsorship. Townsville Airport contributes more than $175,000 per year to local community-orientated sponsorships including:

Our parent company Queensland Airports Limited (QAL), through our individual airport brands in Queensland, is involved with many sponsorship activities and events across the state.  These range from small community-based projects to significant regional events and activities. QAL invests more than $650,000 each year in support of local community, business, environmental and tourism events in each of our regions, as well as Queensland-wide initiatives.


If you are seeking sponsorship from Townsville Airport, please review our Sponsorship Guidelines, and ensure that any written proposals address the sponsorship criteria. To submit a sponsorship proposal, please email sponsorships@qldairports.com.au.


If you are seeking support for a community based initiative within the health and wellbeing, safety, education, environment, arts and culture or other community benefit initiatives, please click here.