Security is synonymous with Safety at Townsville Airport. In accordance with the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and associated regulations, Townsville Airport is considered a security controlled airport.


An Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) must be held by anyone who requires frequent access to enter secure areas at security controlled airports throughout Australia.


All ASIC applications (new and renewals) are treated the same. Existing and new applicants must follow the below process:

  1. Applicants must complete an online ASIC application at
  2. A signatory from the applicant's company will then review and approve the application.
  3. The applicant will then receive an email to complete the online ASIC 
    Security Induction and Test. Note: the application won't progress until this is completed. 
  4. The application is then submitted to the Department of Home Affairs for review and approval.
  5. When the ASIC is ready for collection applicants will receive a text to book a collection appointment using the online booking website: 

    Note: The original documentation used in the ASIC application must be produced at the Townsville Airport Management Centre for verification during the collection appointment. Please be aware, certified copies or photocopies will not be accepted.


Proximity Cards and Air Keys are issued to ASIC holders who require access to secure areas at Townsville Airport. A Proximity Card is a blank access card that can be swiped against card readers on terminal doors. Air Keys are remote button keys used to open airside and compound gates (similar to a home garage door key).

These security devices are generally issued to ASIC holders who have not had their ASIC issued through Townsville Airport. Applicants must complete either a Proximity Card Application form or an Air Key application form.

All applicants requiring access to secure areas must complete Townsville Airport’s online Security Induction Test before an access device can be issued.


New ASIC Applications: $250

Renewal of ASIC: $250

Replacement of ASIC: $100

New Proximity Card Application: $50

Renewal of Proximity Card: Nil Fees

Temporary Proximity Card (less than one month): $30

New Air Key Application: $100



ASIC Online Application

Photo Visitor Identification Card Application

Proximity Card Application

Air Key Application

VIsitor identification cards (VICs)

Visitor Identification Cards or VICs come in two different forms (with different conditions) at Townsville Airport:

1. Standard VIC (no photo)
2. Photo VIC

All visitors, without an ASIC, who require access to secure areas of the airport for work related purposes must obtain a VIC and be supervised by a valid ASIC holder at all times.

Standard Visitor Identification Cards (VIC)

A Standard Visitor Identification Card (VIC) can be issued to a person if the person needs to enter a secure area of a security-controlled airport for a lawful purpose for a maximum of 72 hours. Secure areas of the airport include the departure lounge, aerobridges and airport apron/runway. While in secure areas of Townsville Airport, the VIC holder must display the VIC at all times and must be supervised by a holder of a valid ASIC.

To obtain a standard VIC, the applicant must be accompanied by a valid ASIC holder at the time of issue and the applicant must present an original identification document that must:

• be government issued
• contain your photo and signature
• be current and valid

Suitable documents include a driver licence, a passport and proof of age card.

Standard VICs can be obtained from the following VIC Agents at Townsville Airport:

• Townsville Airport Assets Compound (Corner of Wirraway and Mustang Court)
• Townsville Airport Management Centre (Corner Stinson & Halifax Street).
• Townsville Airport Terminal Duty Manager (Phone 0407 199 557).
• Townsville Airport Aerodrome Reporting Officer (Phone 0418 771 999)

Photo Visitor Identification Cards (Photo VIC)

People awaiting the outcome of an ASIC Application are eligible to apply for a Photo VIC, should they require access to a secure area of the airport for a lawful purpose prior to the approval of their application by AUSCheck. Photo VICs are valid for a maximum period of 2 months from date of issue. Photo VIC holders must display a PhotoVIC and be supervised by a holder of a valid ASIC at all times while in a secure area of Townsville Airport.

To obtain a Photo VIC, applicants must complete a Photo Visitor Identification Card Application and provide proof of ASIC lodgement with AUSCheck. Applicants who have lodged their ASIC application via QAL’s portal are not required to provide proof of ASIC lodgement.