Security is synonymous with Safety at Townsville Airport. In accordance with the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and associated regulations, Townsville Airport is considered a security controlled airport.


An Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) must be held by anyone who requires frequent access to enter secure areas at security controlled airports throughout Australia.


All ASIC applications (new and renewals) are treated the same. Existing and new applicants must follow the below process:

  1. The Applicant has read and understood the Townsville Airport Security Awareness Guide.
  2. The applicant has passed the Townsville Airport Online Security Induction test (please send below Induction Enrolment Form to to be enrolled in the test).
  3. The applicant must bring their completed and signed ASIC application to their appointment.
  4. The applicant must bring their updated identification documents to their appointment.
  5. New companies must submit an Authorised Signatory Request Form.

Please contact +617 4727 3205 after you have passed the online test, to arrange an appointment for the processing of your ASIC application.

Note: All applicants must complete the online Townsville Airport ASIC & Security Induction Test prior to booking an appointment with Townsville Airport.  Applicants get three attempts at the test.


Proximity Cards and Air Keys are issued to ASIC holders who require access to secure areas at Townsville Airport. A Proximity Card is a blank access card that can be swiped against card readers on terminal doors. Air Keys are remote button keys used to open airside and compound gates (similar to a home garage door key).

These security devices are generally issued to ASIC holders who have not had their ASIC issued through Townsville Airport. Applicants must complete either a Proximity Card Application form or an Air Key application form.

All applicants requiring access to secure areas must complete Townsville Airport’s online Security Induction Test before an access device can be issued.


New ASIC Applications: $220 + $50 (refundable deposit)

Renewal of ASIC: $220

Replacement of ASIC: $100

New Proximity Card Application: $50 (includes $20 refundable deposit)

Renewal of Proximity Card: Nil Fees

Temporary Proximity Card (less than one month): $30 (includes $20 refundable deposit)

New Air Key Application: $100 (includes $50 refundable deposit)


Applicants requiring an AUS-Wide ASIC must provide a letter on the company letterhead signed by the Authorised Signatory. The letter must state which airports the applicants requires access to. Please click here for an example.


ASIC Application Form

Security Awareness Guide

ASIC Security Induction Enrolment

Photo Visitor Identification Card Application

Proximity Card Application

Air Key Application