Townsville Airport understands the integral role that the community plays in our ongoing success. We strive to be recognised as a key contributor to the community through ongoing employee services, community consultation, and philanthropic support.

The Townsville Airport Community Benefit Fund is aimed at supporting community groups through one-off requests to assist in the following areas:


Initiatives that improve the overall health and wellbeing of members of our local communities, including sporting bodies and projects related to supporting mental or physical health.


Initiatives that increase the safety and security of our local communities, such as projects related to emergency response, crime prevention, natural disaster prevention, accident prevention and road safety.


Initiatives aimed at increasing the education of our local communities in areas such as literacy and numeracy, life education, apprenticeships and traineeships. (Schools and tertiary education providers may apply).


Initiatives that promote environmental enhancement in our local communities and in particular initiatives that are focused on improving the biodiversity of natural habitats, community conservation and environmental education (e.g. land rehabilitation and revegetation programs, clean-up and education days and local conservation projects).


Initiatives that encourage creativity amongst the local community in the musical, artistic or performing arts space.


Initiatives from community groups that encourage and positively contribute to the community, but may not necessarily fit into one of the above categories.


To view the Community Benefit Fund guidelines, please click here.

Selection process:

The Townsville Airport Community Benefit Fund will give preference to applications for projects that:

  • have submitted an eligible and fully completed Townsville Airport Community Benefit Fund application form, via the online application process;
  • produce positive social outcomes within at least one of the nominated funding categories within the local community;
  • are well defined and include a clear community need, objective, budget, project outcome and evaluation proposal (evaluation to be submitted within 5 weeks post the event/initiative);
  • meet the eligibility criteria as specified in the Townsville Airport Community Benefit Fund guidelines.

How to apply:

Submissions for the 2019 Community Benefit Fund will open in May 2019. Please check back for more information.

If you have any queries please contact