Applications and forms

For those requiring to drive airside, Townsville Airport require that all drivers hold an Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) and that any vehicles requiring airside access obtain an airside registration known as an Authority to Use Airside (AUA).


ADAs are broken into various categories depending on the areas to be accessed airside. These categories require that airside drivers obtain differing levels of supervised driver training prior to undertaking both the theory and practical tests required to obtain an ADA. For further information please review the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook by clicking here.


1. Applicants must complete an online ADA application here You will be required to upload copies of your driver’s licence, ASIC, Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) and a driving log/Employer endorsement.

Ensure all required documents are uploaded at the time of application. Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

2. Applicants must contact their business managers to enrol them on the online theory tests via Rapid Global. (We recommend completing your theory tests prior to sending through your application to expedite the process.)

3. Once an applicant successfully passes the theory test, they can proceed to schedule a practical test through Aviation Bookings.

Note: ADA Renewals are not required to sit a practical test.  

Authority to use airside (AUA) application

All vehicles requiring airside access must obtain an AUA and meet the requirements set out in the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook.


Authority to Drive Airside Application
Authority to Drive Airside Driver Log/Employer Endorsement
Authority to Use Airside Application
$20M Indemnity and Release Form
$50M Indemnity and Release Form
$100M Indemnity and Release Form


Authority to Drive Airside (inc. GST)

Issue (All ADA Categories): $60
ADA Upgrade: $30
ADA Reprint: $15
ARO Training/Hour: $100

Authority to Use Airside (inc. GST)

AUA Issue: $30
AUA Reprint: $15