Hold... Here... Hello... Free Holding Pattern ideal for busy motorists

January 11, 2019

Drivers waiting to pick up passengers arriving at Townsville Airport now have access to a free new waiting zone – the Holding Pattern – complete with free wi-fi.

The new Holding Pattern – located off Mustang Court about 900m from the terminal – permits drivers to wait inside their car for a maximum of 30 minutes, while their friends and family make their way through the terminal to the airport’s pick-up zone.

Townsville Airport General Manager Commercial Isabelle Yates said the new holding area had been developed to provide another option for customers.

“We’ve listened to the feedback from our guests and developed this new holding parking area to provide a convenient place for them to wait while travellers make their way through the terminal,” Ms Yates said.

“We are even providing free wi-fi to make it easier for them to use their phones to track the exact landing time of their passengers via our website or on special flight tracker apps.

“Once their plane lands, they can send a quick text message to each other and keep in touch while the passengers make their way through the terminal to the pick-up zone.

“We encourage them to sit back, relax and even turn on some tunes while they wait in the comfort of their own car for their loved ones to arrive.

“We hope this will discourage drivers from continually looping Coral Sea Drive, creating unnecessary congestion in the area for other people accessing the airport.”

Bright pink signage will direct drivers to the new holding area, where they will be permitted to wait for a maximum of 30 minutes.

All drivers must stay with their vehicle atall times while in the holding pattern wait zone. The area will be monitored,and any unattended vehicles will be fined in accordance with existing regulations.

How it works:

1.      HOLD… Hold in the designated area for 30 mins max

2.      HERE…  Wait for your passenger to tell you they are here

3.      HELLO… Proceed to the pick-up area and say hello