Townsville Airport and Department of Defence revise Joint User Deed

August 30, 2017

Townsville Airport and the Department of Defence have this month revised a Joint User Deed (JUD), ensuring an ongoing productive relationship is shared between the two entities.

The newly signed JUD acknowledges the importance of continual consultation and cooperation in relation to use of the Joint User Area of the airport.

Chief Operating Officer Kevin Gill said this was an important milestone in the longstanding relationship between the airport and Defence.

“Townsville Airport and the Department of Defence have a close working relationship, in that we share a runway.”

“Revising the JUD demonstrates our strong commitment to collaborative decision making between both parties.

“The original JUD between Townsville Airport and Defence has been in place for nearly 20 years, so it is important that we revised the deed to reflect current day requirements,” said Mr Gill.

Key revisions under the new JUD include Townsville Airport stakeholder representation at Major Maintenance Program planning sessions, and the implementation of monthly stakeholder meetings between both parties.

A spokesperson for Defence said, “The JUD infrastructure partnership with Townville Airport is an example of the broader benefits of collocating a Defence establishment in a supportive regional community. The partnership will continue to provide the Townsville community with local economic benefits and opportunities, while also supporting the Australian Defence Force’s ability to defend Australia”.

The new JUD will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure changing requirements of both entities are considered.

Townsville Airport is operated by Townsville Airport Pty Ltd under a long-term agreement from the Commonwealth of Australia. The runway and taxiways are operated and maintained jointly with the Department of Defence under terms of the Joint User Deed dated 9 June 1998.

As a joint user airport, both civil and military aircraft movements are accommodated for within the Townsville Airport airspace.              


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